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Counterfeits & Fraud

As an internationally renowned manufacturer of high-quality knives, we have achieved a strong position on the world market since our company was founded in 1869. Unfortunately, more and more plagiarism, mainly of Asian origin, is being sold at ruinous prices in free trade. The most common are copies of existing Böker models, whereby of course only our design was copied - material and workmanship are absolutely inferior, which also explains the low prices. However, we are also aware of cases where our trademark is misused for products that have never been constructed or manufactured by us in this form. The qualified specialist trade suffers a significant drop in sales due to the counterfeits circulated at ridiculously low prices on websites and online auctions, and there are also risks that should not be underestimated for the buyers of these counterfeits. For example, a defective product can cause damage, but also serious injuries. Since the actual manufacturers cannot be identified, it is extremely difficult to assert liability claims. In addition, knives made of inferior materials offer significantly poorer properties (e.g. fast and strongly decreasing cutting durability). Our reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality products suffers enormously from the criminal activities of product pirates.

How can you as a buyer protect yourself against such counterfeits?

The examples shown on this page show that at first glance it is very difficult to distinguish between an original and a fake. Use the opportunity to hold a knife in your hand before you buy to check how it works - here many counterfeits already reveal initial weaknesses. It is best to buy only from qualified specialist dealers or directly from us. You benefit from comprehensive advice and a lifetime guarantee, which we grant on all products of the brands Boker, Boker Arbolito, Boker Plus and Magnum by Boker. A further indication of the authenticity of the product is the official registration card, which you will find in every package of an original Boker product. We recommend that you register directly with us as the owner of an Original Boker product.

Hints & Questions

You are welcome to use this form for inquiries about counterfeits and fraud. Information on suspected counterfeit products helps us to better protect our customers against product piracy.


Counterfeits & Fraud
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