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Annual Damascus Knives


A collection rich in tradition

We have been producing strictly limited special versions of one of our most popular models every year since 1980. The Boker Annual Damascus has always been characterised by the use of noble, unusual handle materials and particularly high-quality Damascus. The first Annual Damascus was also the first knife from our Manufactory with such a blade. In the course of the years the most different models were put on as Annual Damascus Knives, many enthusiastic collectors have numerous editions in their showcases. Here you can find a complete overview of all Annual Damascus Knives.

Boker Annual Damascus 2024


Innovative concepts, the highest manufacturing quality and a finely tuned selection of materials - for some the next benchmark, for us a matter of course. Our unit of measurement since 1869: unfiltered passion for fascinating knives! This is exactly the case with the Boker Damascus Annual Knife 2024. Inspired by the Boker BRLW, the slim collector's knife takes up the design of the classic Barlow and accentuates it in amodern way. The optically offset and precision-milled titanium handle is a stylistic defining feature, which quotes the characteristic, extra-long bolster in the front area according to old tradition and tastefully frames it in the rear handle area with feisty handle scales madeof fat carbon in the Dark Matter Orange pattern. Adiscreetly integrated framelock locks the ball-bearingclip point blade made from 100-layer Damascus, which Chad Nichols has forged by hand in the breathtaking Black Boomerang pattern. The discreet flipper and the flat, milled titanium clip (tip-up/r) contribute to the elegant appearance, while the Boker tree decoratively adorns the blade's axle screw on the front. The lanyard hole on the handle provides additional carrying options. The annual knife, which is strictly limited to 999 pieces worldwide, comes with a high quality frame case and certificate of authenticity. Handmade in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen.

Boker Annual Damascus 2023


For this year's Damast Annual Knife we work for the first time with Ricardo Romano Bernandes. Romano, whose family originally comes from Sicily, was born in Brazil, has been a knifemaker since 1990, and his craft is part of a tradition of knife making and sharpening that has been established for several generations. His design is based on the traditional Pen Knives and inspired us right away with its casual freshness. For the modern interpretation of a traditional knife form, the powder-metallurgical damascus of the Swedish company Damasteel® seemed to us to be an appropriate blade material. The production of Damasteel® requires - even if the most modern technical means are used - just as much skill and experience as the hand-forging of steel. The purity and properties of Damasteel steel can be optimized to the extreme with complex combined processes. The self-supporting construction of laminated blue and gray G10 contrasts beautifully with the chosen "Odins Eye" pattern of Damasteel®. The simple yet all-time functional slip joint is a mandatory part of this type of knife. The size, weight, indestructible G10 scales and stainless Damasteel® make this collector's knife an excellent EDC at the same time. Delivered in a suspended display with certificate of authenticity and serial number. Strictly limited to 999 copies worldwide.

Boker Annual Damascus 2022

This year's Boker Annual Damascus is aimed at lovers of lightweight slipjoint pocket knives and combines the handy construction of the Boker Boxer EDC with exceptional materials. The design of the French knifemaker Raphaël Durand goes back, like many classic French pocket knives, to the traditional Navajas from the Mediterranean region. The stainless Clippoint blade is made of hand-forged damascus by Chad Nichols consists of 180 layers with a pronounced ricasso and a 90° stop. The pleasantly contoured handle scales are made of 5500-year-old bog oak wood, which is ground three-dimensionally in demanding handwork. The stabilised wood is given a matt, almost velvety surface during fine sanding. Bog oak wood is not a tree species of its own, but oak trunks that have lain in bogs, swamps or riverbanks for centuries and were salvaged when the areas were drained. The tannic acid of the oak wood combines with the iron salts of the water over the course of a long time, making the wood exceedingly hard and giving it its dark color. The decorative copper rivets form a colorful contrast to the dark handle scales, which is further emphasised by the liners also made of copper. The practical lanyard hole is also reinforced with a copper bushing. Handmade in the Boker Knife Manufactory in Solingen and strictly limited to 999 pieces worldwide. Supplied with a noble floating display, a certificate of authenticity and an individual serial number.

Boker Annual Damascus 2021


For the 2021 Annual Damascus Collector's Knife we have chosen the popular Boker Trapper Uno, which is a perfect everyday companion due to its extremely narrow design and which owes its name to the American Rangers of the settler era. In the traditional version, the knife is equipped with upper and lower bolsters, whereas the Trapper Uno goes without the bolsters at the end of the handle.

The noble collector's version is equipped with a blade of stainless Damascus by Chad Nichols, forged by hand in the Ripple pattern. It is opened by nail nick and does not lock. The unusual handle scales are made of domestic blue-stabilized curly maple wood, which has a unique striped transverse pattern. In combination with the decorative brass bolsters, this creates the colours of the city of Solingen. The bolster on the front of the knife also features the well-known city coat of arms.

While two crossed swords are intended to emphasise the importance of the City of Blades as the place of origin of high-quality cutlery, the anchor is considered the symbol of St. Clement, who has been venerated as the patron saint of the city since the 10th century. Handmade in the Boker Knife Manufactory in Solingen and strictly limited to 999 pieces worldwide. With noble floating display, certificate of authenticity and individual serial number.

Ten euro of the proceeds from each knife sold will be donated to to the Kinderschutzbund Solingen, which has been actively supporting needy children and parents in our city for over 40 years. Especially children suffer from the great economic and social challenges that have arisen and grown due to the worldwide pandemic also here in Solingen. The attentive social workers advise families under the motto "help for self-help" and relieve parents in difficult situations with their competence and expertise. In the Solingen clothing store, the Kinderschutzbund also sells well-preserved toys, books and clothes for babies, children and adults. All proceeds are used to support current projects as well as child and youth welfare. In addition, the Kinderschutzbund offers constant homework supervision for elementary school children and teaches them how to have fun while learning.

Please visit www.kinderschutzbund-solingen.de for more information and donation support.

Boker Annual Damascus 2020


The choice for the Boker Annual Damascus 2020 was the 1906 model, a true Modern Traditional. The new edition of the knife design from the turn of the century before last meets the current zeitgeist and is extremely popular. It is a very charismatic pocket knife, whose special appearance is especially characterized by its straight lines, clear lines and the typical blade grind.

The blanks are classically made of brass, while the bolsters are made of nickel silver. The blade made of hand-forged stainless Damascus by Chad Nichols from Mississippi in the USA convinces with 200 layers and the pattern Scrambled. It locks securely with a backlock and harmonizes beautifully with the finely grained burl birch scales, stained in the noble shade of amboina red. Handcrafted in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen and strictly limited to 999 knives worldwide. Delivered with the reissued historical Boker tree emblem, certificate and noble floating display.

Boker Annual Damascus 2019


For the 2019 Annual Damascus Collector' Knife, we chose the Scout Junior as the base model, which is one of our favorites, with its medium size between the full size Scout and the small Boy Scout, suitable for comfortable pocket carry as well as effective use. The CNC milled nickel silver handel features an inlay crafted of certified imported Grenadill wood, which creates an attractive contrast to the handle and the blade. The blade is made of powder metallurgical Damascus steel from Sweden, which not only boasts excellent corrosion resistance, but also a high hardness and edge retention, which makes it a great knife for everyday use. The blade is secured with a sturdy backlock. All in all, this Annual Damascus Collector's Edition is not only a precious collector's piece, but also an exquisite accessory. Production is limited to just 999 pieces, each handmaded at the Boker Manufactory in Solingen. Comes in a frame case for attractive presentation.

Boker Annual Damascus 2018



With the Boker Hunters Knife Mono we have fulfilled a long-standing wish of our customers, who have emphatically demanded the reintroduction of our classic hunting pocket knife without additional blades. As Annual Damascus 2018, the solid work knife is upgraded with a blade made from hand-forged stainless Damascus by Chad Nichols. The Boomerang pattern shows well on the wide blade - in combination with the handle scales of certified imported desert ironwood and nickel silver bolsters, the knife takes on an exceedingly sophisticated appearance. The Boker Annual Damascus 2018 is not just an exclusive collector's piece but also a hunting knife that truly stands the test of the hunt. The solid blade is secured with a backlock and opened with the help of the nail nick. The knife is limited to 999 pieces, each handmaded at the Boker Manufactory Solingen. It comes in a frame case for a pleasant presentation in the showcase.

Boker Annual Damascus 2017




The Annual Damascus 2017 enthuses with the special combination of materials, which is an impressive bridging between the traditional art of forging and new, high tech materials. The hand forged stainless Damascus, made by Chad Nichols from Mississippi, shows the detailed pattern "Scrambled," which is enhanced by the slender blade shape of this W.C. Davis design. Brushed stainless steel bolsters lead to the handle scales made out of marble carbon fiber, which boasts a very vivid and almost organic structure, providing an elegant harmony and stunning contrast to the forged Damascus. The spacer is also made out of carbon fiber and enhances the exclusivity of this extraordinary piece. The Annual Damascus Collector´s Knife 2017 is not only a great knife for the collector, but also an exclusive EDC, and sets a new highlight within the series. Hand made in the Boker knife manufactory in Solingen. Delivered with a certificate of authenticity, in a special frame display, which holds the knife open in a floating position. Limited to 999 pieces worldwide.

Boker Annual Damascus 2016




The Boker Annual Damascus and Boker Boy Scout - two exceedingly popular series blended into a particularly special collector's item. Since 1980, we have been delighting collectors with the series of our damascus annual knives, and the Boker Scout has been a fixture in our Boker range for almost as long. The recently added smaller Boy Scout is already a true gem in its standard design. It was therefore almost an obligation for us to elevate the Boker Boy Scout into the ranks of a damascus annual knife, therefore enhancing the decade-long extreme popularity of the collector's series with yet another highlight, The damascus maker Chad Nichols from Mississippi/USA fabricated his hand-forged stainless damascus for us in the "Ripple" pattern, which develops a fascinating effect on the compact blade of the small Boy Scout. The deep contrast of the two steels emphasizes the detail of the pattern and the elegant lines of this classic blade. The nickel-silver body of the knife is CNC milled for maximum precision and on this premium collector's item supports dark grenadille scales, whose deep hues beautifully harmonize with the refined damascus blade. The fascination resulting from the combination of these premium materials is only difficult to pass up. The blade is engaged by a lock back mechanism. Includes authenticity certificate. Llimited to 999 copies world-wide.

Boker Annual Damascus 2015




Damascus steel - unrivaled in its appearance, complex and demanding in manufacturing, and handmade for centuries from numerous Damascus forgers from all corners of the world. For our Annual Damascus 2015, we use the unique handforged stainless Damascus from Chad Nichols, which is not only used as the blade material, but also for the Damascus bolsters. The very special "Boomerang" pattern, with its soft and harmonic waves, complements the design by Austrian custom knifemaker Armin Stütz. The dark Grenadill wood scales create an attractive contrast, providing a most exceptional collector's piece. The stainless material makes the annual Damascus knife not only a very sought after collector's piece, but also a rugged and proven everyday carry knife. The blade is locked open by a steel liner, which has drilled holes under the scales for weight reduction. The open spine construction adds to the design, technically and visually, making the 2015 Annual Damascus Collector's Knife not only a slim and straight lined design, but also a nice tool for everyday use. Delivered with a certificate of authenticity, in a special frame display, which holds the knife open in a floating position. Limited to just 999 pieces worldwide.

Boker Annual Damascus 2014jahresmesser-2014


The Annual Damascus 2014 addresses classic knife enthusiasts. This year, the popular collector's series, which we also support with a collector's service that allows you to secure your desired number for years in advance, includes a version of the always popular vintner's knife ? the slim version of the legendary Boker sports knife. The primary blade and the bottle opener are both made from rust-free Damascus, forged by Chad Nichols in the US. An exceptional and attractive combination. The blade beautifully renders the new "Boomerang" Damascus pattern and harmonizes extraordinarily with the dark scales made from grenadilla wood. An exceptional pocket knife that combines Solingen virtues with American know-how, and is therefore not only a collector's item, but will also hold up to daily use. Hand-made in the Solingen. Limited to 999 copies world-wide. Shipped in a refined wooden box, including certificate of authenticity.

Boker Annual Damascus 2013jahresmesser-2013

The Annual Damascus 2013 is based on one of Jens Ansø's models, the Solo. To make this a real collectible piece, we chose handsome desert ironwood for the handle, which is accented with the brushed stainless steel bolsters and solid stainless steel liners. Chad Nichols' stainless "Riptide Damascus" provides an attractive contrast and unique appearance. This valuable collector's piece is strictly limited to just 999 pieces worldwide. Comes in an attractive wooden presentation box with a certificate of authenticity.

Boker Annual Damascus 2012




Our Annual Damascus 2012 is based on the Classic Hunter by W.C. Davis. Due to its timeless design, it not only is a unique collector's item but also a fully fledged pocket hunting knife. The stainless Damascus steel, hand forged by Chad Nichols from Mississippi, does not merely convince with the beautiful Ladder pattern but also provides outstanding cutting properties and edge retention due to the hollow ground blade. The elegant lines and the classic design by W.C. Davis perfectly match the polished stainless steel bolsters and the ivory Micarta handle scales. As a special highlight, black fiber underlays create an attractive contrast. Includes lockback mechanism and lanyard hole. Manufactured by hand in the Boker Knife Manufactory in Solingen. Strictly limited to 999 pieces worldwide. Delivered in an exclusive collector's box with certificate of authenticity.

Boker Annual Damascus 2011jahresmesser-2011


Boker is treading new paths with our popular series of the Annual Damascus. The Damascus knife of the year 2011 is based on the model "Thorn" by Jim Burke from Mississippi who mainly designed tactical knives until now. Although the Thorn carries those genes and radiates stability it also convinces as a gentleman tool on all fronts. The 3.5 mm blade of hand-forged stainless Damascus in the raindrop pattern was designed by the internationally renowned Damascus forger Chad Nichols from the US. The brushed stainless steel bolsters provide a smooth transition from the Damascus blade to the selected scales of desert ironwood. The blade opens wird über den charakteristischen Nagelhau geöffnet and is securely locked by the Liner Lock mechanism. Includes lanyard hole. Without pocket clip. Strictly limited to 999 pieces worldwide. Delievered in an exclusive collectors box with certificate of authenticity.

Boker Annual Damascus 2010jahresmesser-2010

For the Annual Damascus 2010, we would like to appeal to friends of the traditional pocket knife. The Canoe, our two-blade classic, boasts the typical handle shape with its two raised ends, clearly illustrating the origins of the name. This dates back to the settlement of the North American continent, which, because of the impenetrable wilderness, was often only possible by travelling by canoe on America´s waterways. The stainless Typhoon Damascus steel blade from Rob Thomas.is ideal for for this purpose. The Typhoon Damascus steel blade has a pattern that has a delightful way of reminding you of the rapids. We selected stabilised walnut burl wood for the scales, giving the knife even greater elegance and class. Limited to 999 copies worldwide. Supplied in a quality collector´s box, with a certificate.

Boker Annual Damascus 2009jahresmesser-2009

As a basis for this year's Damascus annual knife, we have chosen our Titan Defender based on the design by Armin Stütz/Steirer Eisen, which has already impressed last year with its solid construction, titanium plates and titanium jaws as insert knives. For the damask version, the blade is forged from explosion damask by Andreas Henrichs and impresses with its strong contrast. Grip scales made of precious grenadilla haromonize excellently with the dark drawn blade. Without clip. Limited to only 999 pieces worldwide.

Boker Annual Damascus 2008jahresmesser-2008



Pure damask: For all lovers of the coveted Böker damask annual knife series, a very special knife has been designed for 2008: The Liner-Lock Gentleman's Knife by the famous master cutler Stefan Gobec from Austria forms the basis for this year's Damascus annual knife. The blade consists of over 300 layers of damascus steel, which is elaborately forged by hand by the Böker Damascus smith and designed in the pattern "Small Pyramid". As a charming contrast to this, we use powder-metallurgically produced and stainless damascus steel in the pattern "Little Rose" for the bolsters, which together with the handle shells made of 3000 year old bog oak provides a unique appearance. To emphasize the exclusivity of the knife, the spacer on the back of the handle is also made of stainless damask steel. This noble work of art is completely handmade in the Böker manufactory in Solingen. The edition is numbered and limited to 999 pieces worldwide. The knife is delivered in a noble wooden box with certificate. Without clip.

Boker Annual Damascus 2007jahresmesser-2007


The perfect combination of traditional blacksmithing and the latest CNC milling technology. The Böker damask blacksmith has once again proven his great craftsmanship for us. For the new 2007 Damascus annual knife, he is supplying an over 300-layer damascus blade with the Big Roses pattern, which in its appearance matches the noble matt grey of the CNC-milled titanium handle. An interesting contrast is provided by the inlays of stainless powder-metallurgical damascus (180 layers), which make collectors' hearts beat faster. For the first time ever, a Böker annual knife has been equipped with forged damascus, powder metallurgical damascus, titanium and stainless steel. The newly developed trouser clip, with elegantly hidden screw connection, fits harmoniously into the overall concept of the handle. It increases the practicability and is at the same time a further interesting design element. This numbered masterpiece from our manufacture is strictly limited to only 999 pieces, worldwide. The Böker Damascus annual knife 2007 will be delivered in an exclusive wooden box with a certificate of authenticity.

Boker Annual Damascus 2006



Masame Tsukuri is the Japanese expression for damask forging in wood grain structure. In Europe one speaks of Wild Damask, which is processed at Böker for the first time with this annual knife. The structure results from the natural forging process and is not brought into the material by embossing tools. With every hammer blow of our Damascus forger the Damascus structure changes so that every blade gets its individual and special look. Connoisseurs of the international knife scene immediately notice that we use the patented Spyderhole(R). Spyderco has given us exclusive permission to use the blade hole for our Damascus annual knife. Thank you Sirs! The blade is also specially selected: 300 year old walnut root precious wood (10 years air-dried) meets our requirements for this exclusive collector's knife. Delivery includes wooden box. Limited to only 999 pieces.

Boker Annual Damascus 2005jahresmesser-2005


The Damascus annual knife 2005 has been completely redesigned for you. In addition to the classic blade made of the best, forged 300 layers of damask steel, this exclusive design features for the first time jaws made of sintered, stainless damask. An absolute novelty and a technical production challenge for us. Only the best materials, loving craftsmanship and years of experience make the production of this fascinating collector's knife possible. Only selected olive woods were used for the handle, which harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the knife. This strictly limited and numbered collector's edition consists of only 999 pieces worldwide. The knife is delivered in a wooden box, including certificate.

Boker Annual Damascus 2004jahresmesser-2004


We did not make it easy for us to decide which model should continue the tradition of our damask annual knives. In the end the choice fell unanimously on one of our classics, the Copperliner. It combines the origins of the Böker production in the last century with the modern locking mechanisms of modern times. The blade is made of beautiful John Stienen Damascus steel with 300 layers of steel, which fits harmoniously into the overall concept of the knife. The slim, one-handed blade runs smoothly and locks precisely in the open position through the Liner Lock. The finely polished nickel silver bolsters are a reminiscence of times gone by. Exquisite and handpicked Aboina root wood was just good enough for this collector's knife, limited to 999 pieces. This exclusive collector's item includes an attractive wooden box with root wood veneer and a collector's certificate.

Boker Annual Damascus 2003jahresmesser-2003

This year Böker surprises the knife lover with a very special collector's item. A 300-layer Damascus blade combined with a perfectly crafted rosewood handle from the Mössingen-based handle manufacturer Karl Nill. With the highest precision, the diamond-shaped structure is cut into the top of the handle. As a sign of quality, an original Böker shield sits in the center of the bowl, which is used here for the first time for a liner lock model. 1.5 mm thick steel alder give the knife the necessary stability. Without pants clip! Presented is this knife limited to 999 copies worldwide in an attractive wooden box. With certificate.

Boker Annual Damascus 2002jahresmesser-2002

Elegantly flowing forms, finely satin-finished nickel silver bolsters, hand-selected buckhorn, and then the heart of the knife: 300 layers of forged damask. A knife, in classic design, which locks over the backlock. As with all Böker collector's knives, you will of course receive this masterpiece of craftsmanship with certificate and attractive box. Strictly limited to 999 pieces worldwide.

Boker Annual Damascus 2001jahresmesser-2001


Finely satin-finished nickel silver bolsters, hand-selected amboina root wood, and then the heart of the knife: 300 layers of forged damask. A knife, in classic design, that locks over the lock back. As with all Böker collector's knives, you will of course receive this masterpiece of craftsmanship with certificate and attractive box. Strictly limited to 999 pieces worldwide.

Boker Annual Damascus 2000jahresmesser-2000


The first damask annual knife for the year 2000: Something special was needed! The famous and innovative design by Michael Walker combined with the traditional 300-layer damask. Stainless steel bolsters and alder. The structure of the damask harmonizes with the unmistakable structure of the noble snakewood. As a design for the friends of classic knives, it comes completely without titanium, carbon fiber or G-10. Here you can see traditional craftsmanship in perfection. The knife comes with a presentation wooden box and certificate. The edition is strictly limited to 999 pieces.

Boker Annual Damascus 1999jahresmesser-1999



The new Walker Brend design impressed us so much that we immediately made it our damask annual knife. The elegantly shaped blade made of our proven Manfred Sachse Damascus steel (300 layers) is a real eye-catcher. We chose fine satin stainless steel for the bolsters. The handle with Makasar ebony scales is the crowning touch. This special collector's item is presented in an attractive walnut box with certificate. Edition of 999 pieces.

Boker Annual Damascus 1998jahresmesser-1998

Once again Böker surprises the damask collector with an unusual model. The 300-layer damascus blade from the hand of our damascus forger Manfred Sachse forms together with the newly designed titanium handle of our successful model SUPERLINER a product of perfect harmony. The grip plates show symmetrically arranged holes on both sides. For optical support the bores and parts of the titanium locking spring are anodized blue. The also blued titanium lifter and the noble matt surface polish of the handle show the elaborate detail work. The wooden box is adapted to the high value of the knife. Collector's certificate. Edition: 999 pieces.

Boker Annual Damascus 1997jahresmesser-1997


The jewel of our knife collection was made in a limited edition of 999 pieces exclusively for the friends of our company. The blade, made of 300 layers of damascus steel, is of course once again from the master hands of our damascus smiths Manfred Sachse. The grip scales were made of natural birch wood, which was imported from Sweden exclusively for this model. The finely grained structure of the birch forms a charming contrast to the silvery grey shimmering damask blade. Handle body made of sintered nickel silver. In addition to a valuable wooden box and the certificate, a video by the Damascus master smith Manfred Sachse about the production and processing of damascus steel completes this unique object.

Boker Annual Damascus 1996jahresmesser-1996

Rose damask annual knife with spring mechanism. The starting model is the SPEEDLOCK II, which is a unique synthesis of antique forging and modern technology. Inserts made of carbon fibre composite material. Manfred Sachse has chosen his "little rose" for the blade. Edition of 999 pieces. Valuable wooden box and certificate round off this unique object.

Boker Annual Damascus 1995jahresmesser-1995

Little Rose. We did not leave Manfred Sachse alone until he gave the rose damask of our anniversary issue 125DAM a new expression for small blades. His efforts paid off: The little rose was born and is forged only for this knife. The Indians in New Mexico do the rest: they design the handle with artistic skill. Turquoise, mother-of-pearl and onyx have been masterfully combined to create an extraordinary work of art. Every knife has a long journey behind it. The handle shells of desert ironwood come from the deserts of Arizona and Mexico. Extinct for centuries, it is laboriously tracked down and excavated in the sand. Desert ironwood is so heavy that it does not float. In a noble wooden box with collector's certificate.

Boker Annual Damascus 1994jahresmesser-1994

The jewel of our knife collection was made in a limited edition of 999 pieces exclusively for all friends of our company. The artistic synthesis of a 1000 year old forging art with the high-tech material titanium experiences a new high point here. Böker combines innovation, outstanding design, high craftsmanship and sophisticated technology in this knife. The box also underlines this high standard. Collector's Certificate. Total length 19 cm. Blade 8 cm. Weight 89 g.

Boker Annual Damascus 1993jahresmesser-1993

Once again Böker surprises the damask collector with an unusual model. The blade shape radiates robust elegance. The large but flat jaws are also striking. The bowl made of rosewood plywood with its interesting grain completes the pleasing design. Edition limited to 999 pieces worldwide. The wooden box is adapted to the high value of the knife. With collector's certificate.

Boker Annual Damascus 1992jahresmesser-1992

The new edition of the collectors series Böker Damascus, numbered and limited. Expected by many collectors and this year again a real hit. Of course with noble damascus blade from 300 layers by Manfred Sachse, hollow ground, 80 mm long. Year etched. Collector's number stamped into the spring. Jaws in polished nickel silver. The grip scales are made of selected deer horn. Edition 999 knives. As always in a fine wooden presentation box with laser engraving and collector's certificate.

Boker Annual Damascus 1991jahresmesser-1991

The Böker annual knife 1991 - more than a treasure, than a collector's item, than a knife! A value investment of a very special kind. This year's knife is deeply rooted in tradition. Blade length 80 mm. On the one hand there is the 300 layers of damask by Manfred Sachse, on the other hand there is the extremely precious Amboina, which grows in Burma as tubers on ancient trees. Every 10 years one can "harvest" the rare tubers - without hurting the tree. As always, the annual knife is delivered in a fine wooden box.

Boker Annual Damascus 1990jahresmesser-1990

A value investment for collectors. The first integral annual knife from Böker. There are only 999 numbered and certified copies! The 99 mm Droppoint blade and the toggle of this knife are forged from one piece of 300 layers of damascus steel. Finely grained Thuya wood handle. In fine wood case with brass inlay.

Boker Annual Damascus 1989jahresmesser-1989

Boker Annual Damascus 1988jahresmesser-1988

Boker Annual Damascus 1987jahresmesser-1987

Boker Annual Damascus 1986jahresmesser-1986

Boker Annual Damascus 1985jahresmesser-1985

Boker Annual Damascus 1984jahresmesser-1984

A German-American, enthusiastic big game hunter, helped us with this model. The 2000 series is still part of our standard program today, after we have sent many thousands of these knives with different shell materials, blade shapes and steels all over the world... We were the first to discover the Thuya bulb for the knife industry. Compared to briar, there were much larger tubers from Thuya in southern France and North Africa. So we could build this massive knife without much pain with shells made of this expressive wood. The massive jaws are cold formed from brass, which requires us to use a 200t press to apply the necessary forces. The new, contemporary model 2000 and the high acceptance of the Böker Damascus series made us bold and increased the number of pieces to 999. We still consider this figure to be the right amount and will not increase it any further. The price at that time was 360,- DM. Already in the first year a considerable list of standing orders was formed. Without knowing the new annual knife, it was firmly ordered. We rewarded this by guaranteeing the customer the same serial numbers for his knives. As a result, there are many collectors at home and abroad who now have all 29 knives in the series - with one and the same serial number.

Boker Annual Damascus 1983jahresmesser-1983

The 1011 model was developed for this series from the Böker Classic Model 2020, which the Texan has worshipped as a "folding hunter" since the 1920s. The second blade was sacrificed and the main blade was equipped with locking. It was not until many years later, at the insistence of the hunters for lockable saws, that we came up with the idea of offering the same knife model as a double locking knife with blade and saw. The 4021S was born and is still one of our top sellers today. For the first time we left the bone unstained in its natural ivory white. The edition remained at 600 pieces at 360,- DM. Also these were sold faster than produced.

Boker Annual Damascus 1982jahresmesser-1982

In the meantime the model 1000 was on the market as a flat clasp knife with a Droppoint blade. No question, this became our damascus model 1982. As in all knives discussed here, Sachse supplied the wild damascus with 300 layers, i.e. folded five times. The initial package has 11 layers of two different steels. The oval plaque in the bowl shows how the blacksmith in a vice laces the package with heat-resistant wire before it is made to glow for the first time in the forge fire. We had to sort out the largest shinbones from several 10 ton shipments from Brazil for a very long time before we could cut shells wide enough for this model. The problem was not so much the width of the bowl as the curved shape. Staining the white bone green is more difficult than you might think. Especially the green colour is very sensitive. First of all, the recipe must be followed exactly. Nevertheless, a different shade of green always appears during later polishing, depending on the bone density and the batch. So we have pre-polished each bowl in order to select pairs of bowls that match each other well in colour before assembly. For the first time we produced 600 pieces. The price was 320,- DM.

Boker Annual Damascus 1981jahresmesser-1981

As there was still no second lockable model available, we chose our Model 93 as a normal pocket knife from the Böker Classic Series, which was primarily built for the USA and still goes there in a limited form. For the first time we worked with briar wood, which is a very very hard wood in contrast to Thuya. As known it is often used for pipe bowls. The milling of the small pocket for the sign with serial number, the numbering of the tiny signs, the embossing and subsequent oxidation of the cheeks with the Solingen coat of arms, all first-time tasks on which we had to prove ourselves. By the way, today we laser the blades from the delivered blanks. At that time, the punching cuts had to be used for normal running production. Since the damask was delivered much harder than the normal steel, we had to learn to heat the damask blanks glowing to make them more supple and thus not to batter our cuts. The edition was increased to 500 pieces and the price was 260,- DM.

Boker Annual Damascus 1980jahresmesser-1980

Our first serious collector's knife for the German market. So to say a first test. So we wanted to put in there everything that makes the knife besides the damask blade desirable. This also included a low edition of 300 pieces. The selection of the model was easy. For reasons of cost, the knife was only allowed to have one blade and it should be lockable. I had learned this in the USA and above all I saw in it the future for Böker. The multi-piece pocket knife was already a domain of the two Swiss manufacturers Victorinox and Wenger. To attack their market position in this field was tantamount to suicide for me. So we decided to sail past the two Swiss with our model policy to the left and right. At that time Böker had only one lockable knife: the single-bladed version from the series of the traditional hunting knife, which we also built with saw, breaker blade with and without corkscrew. Today only the complete knife in itself is produced, i.e. blade, saw, break open blade and corkscrew and the whole thing with deer horn shells. The next most important decision: Which handle material? Deer horn and also mother of pearl were already routine for us back then. I can still remember exactly: the departments responsible for blade production could hardly wait to punch, harden, grind, polish and "extract" the first blades from damask steel. This is the name given to the acid treatment of the finished blade to make the damask structure of the 300 layers visible. One was really eager to learn new things and could hardly wait for the first delivery of about 30 Damascus plates from Manfred Sachse. The other employees in the stitching, assembling and finishing departments didn't want to be left behind but also wanted to be tickled with challenges. So the answer was ivory shells from the Odenwald, then still legal, neatly riveted to the brass plate. Our Damascus maker Müller was doubly challenged. Firstly, he had to remove the finished blade with nitric acid and secondly, using an ancient etching process, he applied a traditional engraving with a forging scene from 1690 to the ivory. The learning curves in the various stages of working on this knife, about 120 working steps without damascus forging, only gradually increased. These 300 knives were all made twice. By the way, they cost 320,- DM in the shop. To find this knife today must be very difficult. But, everything has its price. I would be interested to know what value the 1980 Böker Damascus Year Knife has reached today.