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7/8" Straight Razors

Straight razors with a 7/8" blade are considered veritable broadswords. Their visual effect alone is an absolute highlight. The heavy blade makes for very calm and even strokes. Thanks to its larger width, the blade can take up quite a bit of shaving cream.

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Straight Razor, Brown, Carbon Steel, Horn
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Graf Engelbert II.


  • Straight Razor
  • Carbon Steel
  • Horn
  • 7/8 Inch
  • Square Point
$419.00 *
Straight Razor, Blue, O1, Paua
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Blue Shell

Not available

  • Straight Razor
  • O1
  • Paua
  • 7/8 Inch
  • Barber's Notch
$389.00 *