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Privacy Notice

Many thanks for your interest in our website. We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. For this reason, we would now like to inform you on data protection in our company. Naturally, we conform strictly to the legal regulations laid down in the German Data Protection Act (BDSG), the German Telemedia Act (TMG) and other legal stipulations pertaining to the protection of data. You can trust us to protect your personal details. These are transmitted to us encrypted, via digital security systems. Our website is protected technologically against damage, destruction and unauthorised access.

Object of data protection
Data protection covers all personal details. According to Art. 3, paragraph 1 BDSG, personal details are individual details concerning the personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable person. These include details such as name, postal address, email address or telephone number. They may also include user data such as IP address.

Specific use of data
We conform to the principle of using data for a specific use only. We collect, process and store your personal details only for the purpose for which you provided the details in question. Your personal details will not be passed on to a third party without your express permission, unless this is necessary in order to provide the service ordered or to complete the contract. Moreover, personal data is only shared with public authorities and government institutions who are authorised to receive such information when this is stipulated by law, or when we are forced to do so by a court of law. We also protect your data within the company itself. Our employees, and subcontractors who provide services for us, are obliged to maintain strict confidentiality and conform to all legal regulations regarding data protection.

Scope of data collection and storage
Generally speaking, you will not have to disclose any personal details in order to use our website. In order for us to provide you with any service, however, you may need to share your personal details with us. This applies to sending information material or products as well as to answering individual enquiries and registering for events such as company guided tours or seminars. If you order a service or goods from us, we will collect and store your personal details only to the extent needed in order to provide the service ordered or complete the contract. In such cases, it may be necessary to pass your details on to the company responsible for providing the service or completing the contract. These include shipping companies and other service providers. If you sign up for our newsletter with your email address, we will use your email address not only to complete the contract, but also to send you information about our products and services. You can cancel the newsletter at any time and without stating a reason. Once the contract has been fully completed – this includes sending you our catalogue, which appears twice a year, for a maximum of three years (but you are welcome to cancel this at any time) – your details will be blocked. Once all regulations pertaining to tax and trade laws have expired, your details will be deleted unless you have explicitly given us your consent to continue using them.

Use of cookies
Cookies do not store any personal details of the user. This information serves only to enable us to recognise you automatically when you next visit our website and to make navigation easier for you. Cookies enable us, for example, to adapt a website to your interests, or save your shopping basket. Naturally, you can visit our website without cookies. You can prevent your computer from accepting cookies by selecting the option “Do not accept cookies” in your browser settings. To find out exactly how this works, please refer to the instructions for your browser. Please note, however, that if you do not accept cookies, some functions in our offers may be restricted (e.g. in your shopping basket).

Collecting and storing user data
To optimise our website, we collect and store data such as the data and time you called up our website, and the page from which you were redirected to our website etc., unless you specifically revoke your consent for us to collect and store this data. We collect and store this data anonymously, without identifying the user personally. Where applicable, user profiles are created using pseudonyms. Here as well, no connection is made between the person behind the pseudonym and the user data collected. To collect and store user data, we may use cookies. These are small text files which are saved on your computer and store statistical information such as your operating system, browser, the website from which you were referred (referrer URL) and the time. We collect this data purely for statistical purposes in order to further optimise our website and make our offers even more attractive. Such data is collected and stored completely anonymously, or under a pseudonym, and cannot be traced back to you as an individual.

Google Analytics
You will not (and will not allow any third party to) use the Service to track or collect personally identifiable information of Internet users, nor will You (or will You allow any third party to) associate any data gathered from Your website(s) (or such third parties' website(s)) with any personally identifying information from any source as part of Your use (or such third parties' use) of the Service. You will have and abide by an appropriate privacy policy and will comply with all applicable laws relating to the collection of information from visitors to Your websites. You must post a privacy policy and that policy must provide notice of your use of a cookie that collects anonymous traffic data. If you wish, you can prevent (opt out from) the future detection, collection and use of your IP address by Google Analytics at any time. For further information, please go to http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en. We hereby inform you that on this website Google Analytics has been extended with the code string „gat._anonymizeIp();” in order to permit anonymous collection of IP addresses.

Your right to information and right to revoke
At any time, you may request to know which of your personal details are stored here. You do not have to state a reason, and the information will be provided free of charge. At any time, you are free to block, correct or delete your personal details stored here, in so far as this is compatible with other laws (e.g. tax and trade laws). You can also revoke your consent for data collection and use at any time, without stating a reason. To do so, please apply in writing to the contact address given in the Legal Notice. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions regarding the protection of your data or the processing of your personal details.