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Barber Story | Barber House

We tell a completely different origin story of a barbershop with the Barber Story about the Barber House® company. Owner Dirk Schlobach did not undergo any barber training. He developed his motivation to open the store chain not from the craft, but in a sense from the other side of the counter or from the barber chair - as a customer. "Customer Experience", the foundation and constant incentive for continuous testing and improvement of what already appears to the customer as a perfect state.

Thus, the predicate Premium in the title Premium Men's Salon becomes an experiential quantity instead of a marketing phrase often used wrongly. Only a limited number of the numerous measures that are necessary to achieve and maintain this high level can be listed here: Only absolute thoroughbred barbers are admitted to the team of 35 employees today. That is, they must be absolute experts in the field and they must take a back seat to their craft without vanity, so that the customer can enjoy absolute relaxation and a perfect result. The international composition of the crew is of further importance in order to offer, as far as possible, the best of the barber cultures of all continents. The barbers of Barber House® already recruited from Germany, Turkey, Kosovo, Japan and Italy.

In addition to traditional services such as hair and beard cuts, two branches also offer comprehensive men's cosmetics such as manicures, pedicures and facials. Today, Barber House® comprises five branches: three in the Munich metropolitan area, one in Hamburg and the newest in Munich Airport. The constant pursuit of perfection, service and customer satisfaction has not gone unnoticed or unrewarded. With three branches at the same time, the company was listed in the GQ ranking of the best 50 barbershops in Germany. Numerous awards adorn the branches, including Best Barber 2020, and well-known companies such as BMW/MINI have been cooperating successfully for many years.

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