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Barber Story | Barber-J Jerome Kantner

Unlike many barber stores in big cities and in the metropolises of Europe, the barbershop and hairdresser for men from the Rhine-Main area is located in the idyllic Mainz district of Hechtsheim. Sufficient parking spaces in front of and behind the house are here even during opening hours in the tightly scheduled barber everyday life no exception, but a matter of course.

The love for a feel-good atmosphere is here in the truest sense of the word in the details: Countless shaving accessories from times long past, dimmed lighting, comfortable leather sofas and high-quality real wood furnishings bear the unmistakable signature of owner Barber-Jerome Kantner, without seeming overloaded.

Already in his youth Jerome with Mohawk and dyed hair made no secret of his passion for hair and fancy hairstyles. So it is little wonder that he began his career in 1985 with a classic hairdressing training and he realized his dream of his own salon in 2007 after various stations in the Rhine-Main area. That Jerome understands his craft is already documented when entering the salon by numerous diplomas, awards and certificates. By winning the German Championship, Barber-J, as Jerome was already called by friends and acquaintances during his youth, was able to qualify for the World Championship in Men's Specialty in Lisbon and subsequently secured the title of World Champion / Global Champion 2014.

Not least due to the award as the world's best men's hairdresser, due to his status as an American Crew All-Star and as a member of the Hairdressers Guild Rheinhessen, Jerome is internationally known like a colorful dog and is booked for trade shows, trainings and seminars worldwide. Already in September, Jerome was on stage together with Boker at the Barber Convention in Düsseldorf, where he will present live professional wet shaving with his limited edition forged razor Boker Barber-J.

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