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Barber Story | Herr Feldmann

His self-declared mission may at the same time be understood as a vocation: if a man enters his barbershop, he may only leave it again as a gentleman. His means: a neat haircut and a perfectly trimmed beard. His weapons: an old barber chair, a cult whiskey spray bottle, some pomade and lots of nostalgia. His trademarks: Hat, hip suspenders and a dapper beard. His name: Herr Feldmann.

Once upon a time, the profession of barber was considered almost extinct. But since the mid-2010s, the craft of the classic men's barber has been experiencing a veritable renaissance. Because the man of today wears beard again, and not out of obedience to a trend, but rather as an expression of an attitude to life. But here, too, it's all about the right beard care. Hardly anyone knows this better than Alexander Feldmann. The trained hairdresser is one of the pioneers of barbering in Germany. In the good old American manner, Herr Feldmann and his wife Mrs. Feldmann have been running the eponymous barbershop on an extended arm of Route 66 in Mönchengladbach on the Lower Rhine since 2016. In addition to the classic shave and a smart parting, real guys get a break from the stressful everyday life and are transported to the USA of the 1950s. Particularly popular with the male clientele is the Hot Towel Shave, where the facial skin can relax before shaving with a hot steamed towel and the pores are widened for a close shave. Also in terms of hairstyles, Alexander Feldmann knows every trick. Because his expertise does not come by chance. Through regular visits to his mother's barbershop in the USA, he was able to track down trends and establish them in "good old Germany". Today, Herr Feldmann himself holds seminars on barbering and is considered the B'eardtagnan among the musketeers of the barber scene. Furthermore, he and his team have profound expertise in the complex field of wigs, toupees and hairpieces.

Recently, Herr Feldmann was given a special honor when a Boker knife was named after him. For it is thanks to his drive that shaving with the classic straight razor literally became respectable again. So he was allowed in the New Barber era as the first barber in North Rhine-Westphalia, taking into account the hygiene regulations again with a traditional razor to the stubble. "Handling a straight razor requires a completely different skill set compared to the widely used interchangeable blade razors." In addition to his own knife, Herr Feldmann relies on the Boker Tiny Razor, especially for fine work, "The knife with its narrow 4/8" blade and barber's notch is ideal for contour shaving of beards. Once you internalize the compact proportions of the Tiny Razor, this knife is nimble as a whip when it comes to tracing contours."

The partnership with Boker came about at a 2017 Barber Convention and has been nurtured like a good beard ever since. Meanwhile, customers can also purchase their own Boker razors at Salon Herr Feldmann - expert advice and a touch of rockabilly included.

And what about the ladies?  According to recent understanding, a barbershop has the stigma of an Area 51 with regard to women. Mrs. Feldmann, on the other hand, gives these conventions a rigorous short haircut and welcomes the ladies to Salon Herr Feldmann for classic to modern hairstyles. 

Want hair with flair? So let's go to Herr Feldmann, the professional for hairstyle, beard and second hair in Mönchengladbach.



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