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Barber Story | Savills Barbers

In the case of Savills Barbers, there is so much to write about the place and person that we hardly know where to start. Let‘s start with Sheffield, a city that is known to have been shaped by steel like Solingen. Inevitably, the backdrop of old brick walls and founding villas reminds us of the BBC‘s gangster epic „Peaky Blinders“.

The barbershop Savills Barbers by Joth Davies contributes a not insignificant part to this impression. Here the British tweed is still worn in a classically elegant way, without appearing to be a disguise. At Savills Barbers the handcraft is in the foreground and in the centre point. Joth started his training as a hairdresser and barber in 1988, opened his first barbershop in 2006 and a second salon followed just three years later. When he was finally able to move into a time-honoured barbershop with ten chairs and washbasin, he merged the two previous locations here. To be able to serve up to ten customers at a time, Joth personally trained the appropriate number of barbers. This is the only way he can ensure that his excellent employees meet his self-imposed high professional standards. In the meantime, he also sets these high standards for the specially developed grooming product series Copacetic and his renowned Barber Academy.

While Copacetic cosmetics and accessories are the result of professional experience and perpetuate the elegance of the Golden Twenties, the Shop and Academy regularly receive awards at barber contests. There are again many good barbers these days. But the best ones are in close corporation, who know how to be found internationally. It is therefore not surprising that the contact with Joth was established through Leen and Bertus, the Schorem barbers from Rotterdam. For the Boker Barber Story razor, it was especially important for Joth to orientate himself closely to the world-famous massive, pithy Sheffield Throat Cut Razors of the Wilhelminian period, in addition to his professional preferences.

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