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Boker Barberette

The Boker Barberette stylishly unifies the benefits of a forged straight razor with those of a safety razor. The handling is comparable to that of a straight razor, but there is no need to clean and strop it, since the replaceable razors can simply be changed. The newly designed Boker interchangeable blade straight razor is not only very popular among wet shaving fans, travelers, and professional barbers and hair dressers, but can also be found in bathrooms at home as a low maintenance and comfortable, versatile companion. Especially barbers like to use the uncomplicated replaceable blades in hectic business operations due to hygiene regulations, rather than disinfecting straight razors the traditional way. The Boker interchangeable blade straight razor has the same geometry and size of our forged straight razors. Thanks to the grooved synthetic surface, it provides a safe grip for fingers at all times. The blade receptacle is made from stainless steel and moisture resistant synthetic and is designed to allow the use of both the ubiquitous 43mm standard blades for classic safety razors (double edge) and the 65 mm long standard blades. Before inserting, double edge razor blades are carefully broken in the middle. The handles follow that of forged straight razors made by the Boker manufactory, and leave nothing to be desired. Delivered in a historical packaging, including one double edged razor blade.

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