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Boker Kalashnikov

As the only licensee of the name Kalashnikov for knives worldwide, the Boker Manufactory has been producing knives under the name of General Mikhail Timofejevitch Kalashnikov since 2003. The partnership was established and sealed in 2001 through visits by Managing Director Carsten Felix-Dalichow to the family in Moscow and directly to Mikhail T. Kalashnikov in Ischewsk.

In the following year a return visit and a comprehensive tour of the Solingen plant with press conference took place. Here Mikhail Kalashnikov was able to convince himself that the production meets his high quality requirements. The new product series was then jointly presented to the world public at the Blade Show in Atlanta. Despite all his world fame, military honours and social opportunities, Mikhail Kalashnikov remained a modest and pleasant person throughout his life. He always saw himself as an engineer and not as a general or a genius. Due to his experiences in a Russian military hospital in World War II, the wish had grown up in him to give his comrades a functioning weapon for their own and for the defence of their country. Thus the famous assault rifle Automat Kalashnikov was created in 1947.

Kalashnikov‘s central condition for the design of the knife series was that the knives should live up to his professional maxim: „Simple in construction, robust and reliable in handling“. The model of the first hour, the Böker Kalashnikov Black, takes over design elements of the AK assault rifle. The bridge between the grip inserts has the shape of the cooling slots in the AK 47 hand guard. The Clippoint blade with scab is borrowed from the Kalashnikov bayonet AK47/59. The Boker Manufactory takes great care to ensure that all follow-on models meet the high functional and quality standards of General Mikhail Kalashnikov, who died in 2013.

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