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Boker Patina

PATINA [ˈpaːtina] In Italian, patina means „thin layer“ or „veneer“. It describes a surface (texture and color) created by a natural or artificial aging process. Sustainability, handcrafted products and supporting local businesses have become trends in our society.

However, these aspects have always been connected to our Boker DNA. Since our beginnings in 1869, we have been offering a lifelong guarantee, free sharpening services and large vertical manufacturing range. Products that will endure for decades and will be passed on to the next generations are allowed to show their age and history. These traces of usage do not diminish the knife‘s value but are an expression of quality, unique beauty and a personal story - yours. In a very short time, our new kitchen knife series Boker Patina develops a patina through touching acidic foods, which is not in any way a flaw. On the contrary, the dark color that is created through oxidation when the blade touches foods and water serves as a protective layer and increased resistance to external influences. The fine structure of non-stainless O1 carbon steel combined with the thin-edged grind ensure excellent edge retention and superior cutting properties.

 Quality is not just a matter of the used materials, but also of the production process. Die-forged in Solingen and finished by hand, each knife is a oneof- a-kind masterpiece. The composition of the Boker Patina Series is completed with brass rivets and exquisite handle scales of stabilized curly birch encasing the full tang. This exclusive, hand-selected handle material offers a vibrant flame-like pattern similar to the finest burl woods. The Boker Patina series with a classic three-rivet design consists of three models with carbon steel blades and a kitchen knife in hand-forged Damascus.


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