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Boker Tree Planting Campaign




Thanks to the overwhelming response to our promise to plant a new Boker tree in the Bergisches Land region with every order, numerous local forest areas will soon be able to be sustainably reforested. Together with the Forestry Association, we are looking forward to 12,000 young trees breathing new life into the cleared spruce forests on the edge of the Wupper River. Numerous beech, oak and lark trees will already take root in the ground during the current planting period and provide new habitat for native species in the future! And of course, in a few years, we too will be able to explore and enjoy these new forests as hunters, bushcrafters, anglers or hikers.

Even before the end of the campaign, the first stately tree was symbolically planted directly in front of our knife manufactory in Solingen. Of course, only a chestnut tree came into question for this, which, as the eponym of the Boker Baumwerk and world-renowned seal of quality, adorns our handmade knives to this day.

The Aesculus carnea Briotii, known as the red-blossoming horse chestnut, bears bright red blossoms and in just a few years will serve as a quiet retreat for birds and insects as well as a natural source of shade for our staff. We would like to thank you for your important contribution to regional nature and climate protection!

Only together will we be able to preserve, maintain and promote the beauty and diversity of nature for future generations. Of course, we will keep you informed about the further development of the Boker trees in the future.

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