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Companiy Profile | Manly

They are considered one of the most important archaeological sites of prehistory. The tombs of Varna in eastern Bulgaria have preserved the oldest gold jewelry of mankind for thousands of years, and still not all the secrets surrounding the lost souls have been revealed. The friendly Balkan state shines not only with historical gold devotional objects, but above all with its varied landscapes of mountain massifs in the interior and the picturesque coastal regions on the Black Sea.

The deep-rooted tradition is proudly cultivated by the Bulgarians until today and finds its expression in national costumes, folk music and dance. The fact that in 2010 two jewelers, of all people, turned a crazy idea into a real gold mine is probably the irony of history. The two founders of the knife manufacturer Manly from the Bulgarian capital Sofia had always been taken with the lovingly decorated and handmade Laguiole knives from France, so that from then on the desire arose to produce their own knives. The first specimens were initially characterized by detail-loving decorations and ornaments. However, since these knives were rather something for the showcase, a more practical approach was taken in a later step. The knives became much more suitable for everyday use and more affordable by using high-strength steel grades and practical designs.

In a sense, this was the birth of the Manly Comrade. Its four-stage opening mechanism proved extremely popular with customers, and the pocket knife became Manly's flagship product. Over the years, the Comrade was consistently refined and numerous versions and variants followed. Building on this success, the Patriot and Peak models appeared, which were particularly distinguished by their thin blade and low bevel and are now part of the established range of Manly folding knives. Outdoor and bushcraft fans, meanwhile, will find the Blaze and Crafter fixed models attractive knives for their next trip into the wilderness.

At the heart of Manly is its outstanding team of highly skilled professionals, who always strive for a consensus of innovation and sustainability, critically scrutinizing every approach. As a Bulgarian leader in the knife industry, Manly invests specifically in new products and services, skillfully striking a chord with its customers. This is also the reason why the knife manufacturer from Sofia has been a valued partner of Boker for several years now, as the Bulgarian knives with the great price-performance ratio have also taken their firm place in Germany. The business relationship has been continuously intensified and is based on a great mutual trust. Especially in the dynamic development phase Boker supported the comparatively young brand Manly with know-how and equipment in order to promote the great potential of the friendly knife manufacturer from Bulgaria in partnership. If one believes the vernacular, not all that glitters is gold. However, those voices will fall silent and keep quiet like a grave when they see the shine of a Manly blade. For this is truly worth its weight in gold in everyday life.

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