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For a healthy nature

A huge chestnut tree, which overshadowed the small hand tool factory of the Böker family in the middle of the 17th century, is the eponym of the Böker Baumwerk and serves us until today as a world-famous seal of quality. And 350 years later, trees, forests and nature are still an integral part of our everyday life, be it as hunters, bushcrafter, angler or hiker. Not only do we and our customers love the forest, but also the countless species of animals for which it is essential for survival as an irreplaceable habitat.

The increasing destruction of the forests not only harms the people and animals who are directly dependent on them, but affects all of us to an increasing extent. Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and serve as shade, rain protection and water storage. The persistent drought of recent years and the extreme bark beetle infestation have led to massive forest dieback in our native forests as well. Experts estimate that by the end of this year a forest area of 400,000 hectares will be irretrievably lost in Germany alone. This is approximately one and a half times the area of the Saarland or 560,000 soccer fields.

Our deep and millennia-old connection to the trees should be a warning, reason and motivation enough for us to preserve, care for and promote the beauty and diversity of nature.

Together with you, we would therefore like to make a small contribution to nature and climate protection. In cooperation with the Forstwirtschaftliche Vereinigung Bergisches Land (FWV-BL), which is committed to the sustainable management of the local forests here in Solingen, we plant a Böker tree with every order we receive until the end of 2020.

After all, reforestation is one of the most important measures to limit the rise in temperature of our earth and to protect the habitat of animals and humans.

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