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Interview with Ricardo Salzmann

Ricardo, you are CEO of Boker Arbolito in Buenos Aires Argentina. The title of a CEO there is "Presidente". That has a ring to it. You allowed us to address you as Ricardo before the interview. When and how did you come to Boker Arbolito?

Before that, I worked for Mercedes Benz Argentina as an engineer and also ran a traditional gun store in the heart of Buenos Aires. In the course of this, I imported Boker knives and an extensive range of weapons into Argentina and established them peu à peu.

What are special conditions and challenges in the production of knives in Argentina?

I was and still am very curious when it comes to the potential that lies in the various manufacturing processes and on which adjusting screws you can actively contribute your knowledge and skills. That motivates me immensely and keeps the mind young. Over the years, I have also discovered my passion for designing products. When the products are well received by the customers and the sales figures are good, then I feel really fulfilled.

 The Arbolito brand is distributed worldwide, as are Boker Solingen, Boker Plus and Boker Magnum. How do you keep in touch with the Boker locations in Solingen and Denver and with the international markets?

I always participate in the groundbreaking knife fairs as well as online meetings and travel regularly to Solingen, the USA and, before COVID-19, to Asia.

 What is the tradition of knives in Argentina?

 Agriculture has always been an important factor in our economy and in this breath, of course, we cannot miss the legendary gauchos who have always sworn by Arbolito knives and will continue to do so.

How would you describe the characteristics and charisma of your Arbolito knives and which users do you have in mind when designing them?

 The character of an Arbolito knife is essentially defined by its function and its distinctive design. For me, this is what makes up the soul of our knives. Our products are mainly aimed at outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, cooks, butchers but also collectors.

What is your personal relationship to knives and are you a user yourself?

Knives determine my life in many ways. My thoughts constantly revolve around conception, function, design, production, all the way to selling the finished product. And let‘s face it, an Argentine steak tastes so much better when it‘s cut with an Arbolito knife.

Do you have other passions besides knives and business that you spend your free time with? Family, friends, some literature and some sports like windsurfing and cycling.

What should an outdoor fan definitely do when visiting Argentina?

Argentina has many beautiful facets to offer, some of which I would like to briefly outline here: in the north are the mighty Iguazú waterfalls; at the foot of the Andes is the city of Bariloche with its picturesque lakes, mountains and forests. Also worth seeing is the Paraná river delta near Buenos Aires and at the southern tip of Tierra del Fuego with its imposing glaciers. But there is much more to discover in Argentina.

What should you see in Buenos Aires?

Culturally, Buenos Aires has a lot to offer. There are several art museums, not to forget the traditional steak houses, various parks and avenues as well as sociable dance evenings entirely under the sign of the tango. In addition, there is music, polo, soccer and much more. But above all, there is the Argentine joie de vivre, which will remain in the memory of every visitor.

Ricardo, thank you very much for the interview.

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