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Do you sell any Automatic Knives?

Yes, we carry a selection of automatic knives which are manufactured here in the U.S. The Federal Switchblade Act does not allow the import of automatic knives, therefore we are only permitted to sell automatics that are manufactured here in the U.S.  PLEASE NOTE: Due to the many and varying state laws, we can only sell/ship these automatic knives to states where they are legal to own/carry.

The button-lock models we sell that are not manufactured in the U.S. are NOT automatic opening. There are many of these models on the market that are automatic opening - however they have been modified by an outside party. 


Are all of your Knives manufactured in Germany?

No. Boker USA, Inc. carries several different brand names, which are manufactured in various parts of the world. Please refer to the list below:

  • Boker Knives: Solingen, Germany
  • Boker Arbolito Knives: Argentina
  • Boker Plus Knives: Taiwan, China, Italy, USA
  • Magnum Knives: China
  • Fox Knives: Italy
  • Black Fox Knives: China


How can I determine the value of my old Boker Knife?

Unfortunately, we have no way of determining current values of knives we no longer sell. We recommend using online search engines to find information about your knife. There is also a general guide on our website to help determine the age of your knife, under the History of Boker section.