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The long history of Boker has been affected by eventful times:

1829: H. R. BOKER Cutlery formed in Remscheid Germany 
1837: Herman migrated to US New York 
1861:1866- Boker Germany produced muskets and 18,000 sabers for Union Army 
1869: Heinr. Boker formed, operations moved to Solingen 
1870: "Tree" logo registered on November 10 
1870's to 1891- Boker was one of the top knife sellers in the US 
1891: Tariff Act passed  
1892: Valley Forge Cutlery established in Newark NJ 
1899: Boker US merged with Valley Forge to produce product in US 
1913: “Tree Brand" and “Arbolito" registered 
1914:1918- all German knives were produced for the war effort 
1914: Hermann BOKER Co filed for bankruptcy  
1916: H BOKER Co purchases Cyclops Steel in Pennsylvania  
1921: Maplewood NJ facility opened 
1921- Boker Cutlery and Hardware consolidated with H BOKER & Co 
1925: trademark 100 yr old chestnut tree struck by lightning  
1928: 16 different knife pattern stainless steel blades manufactured in US 
1930: Neutrality Act in limited trade with Germany 
1941: Boker USA etch replaces German markings 
1944: On Nov 5 British bombers dropped 783 tons of explosives on Solingen destroying the German facility  
1947: Major John BOKER (US Army Intelligence) purchased the rights back from the US Government and renamed it “BOKER USA" 
1950: Boker USA begins importing from Solingen again 
1956: Boker purchases Schrade Knife Company to produce switchblades 
1958: Switchblade Act adopted causing the closure of the Schrade plant that made these types of knives 
1960: BUSA ends using bar shields and reintroduces round shields  
1965: New Britain Machine Co purchases Boker USA which also owned Husky and Blackhawk brands 
1968: New Britain absorbed into Litton Industries  
1970: Boker USA acquired by J Wiss & Sons 
1971: campaign of limited edition and commemorative series begins 
1973: double shield / red shield series 
1974:1978- Great American Story series introduced 
1976: J Wiss purchased by Cooper Tools Group of North Carolina 
1978: Boker US production moved to Statesboro GA 
1983: US knife production ended 
1984: United BOKER formed with Smoky Mountain Knife and Blue Ridge Knife to create a financial sales partnership  
1986: Boker USA reformed and established sales offices and warehousing in Colorado