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ABS is a thermoplastic polymer with a high-quality finish that is matte and scratch-resistant. It offers a high level of surface hardness, good impact strength and resistance to liquid chemicals.


Acrylic is a premium-quality plastic that can be shaped as desired when heated. The lifespan of acrylic is almost unlimited, but the material is still recyclable and thus very eco-friendly.


Acuto+ is a rarely used steel mainly utilized in some CRKT models. It is roughly at the level of 440C. With a hardness of 59-60 HRC, it is one of the hard steel types with very good edge retention.

Allen Elishewitz

Knife Maker Allen Elishewitz was born in Texas. He has been making knives since 1988, constantly researching, refining and developing this craft. He is a member of the American Knifemakers Guild...


An alloy is a metallic material consisting of two or more base materials and combining their properties. Knives are made from a wide variety of different steel alloys.


Aluminum is a soft and tough metal, it is very light and at the same time has a high strength. The metal is also recyclable. It has been extracted for about 200 years, initially it was more...

Amboina Wood

Amboina burl wood is used for producing wooden knife handles. The fine wood has an intense color ranging from yellow brown to red brown as well as a strong pattern.

Anders Högström

Anders Högström from Sweden is known for his extremely exclusive Custom Knives. Nordic knives with a medieval look are his specialty, but also unusual swords belong to his designs.


Anodizing is a process for coating the surface of metals. This process is used in knife production. Anodizing means oxidizing a metal surface with an electrochemical process.

Arc Lock

The Arc Lock was developed by SOG and it can be operated with both hands. It is easy to use but still very safe. In order to lock the blade, you pull back the mechanism with your thumb.

Armin Stütz

The Austrian Armin Stütz began manufacturing knives in 1984 and founded the blacksmith SteirerEisen in 1996. In the meantime, SteirerEisen is the largest blacksmith of the country.

Ash Wood

Ash wood is used to make high-quality handle scales. Ash wood is indigenous to almost all of Europe as well as some regions in the Middle East and the Caucasus Mountains.


The Japanese ATS-34 by Hitachi was originally developed for turbine blades and quickly turned out to be highly suitable for knife blades. Today, it is a rarity on the knife market.


AUS-4 is a simple Japanese steel that no longer plays much of a role on the market – with very few exceptions. It is at the performance level of 440A.


AUS-6 is a simple Japanese middle-grade steel that no longer plays much of a role on the market – with very few exceptions. It is at the performance level of 440B.


AUS-8 is a Japanese steel that has been used in the knife industry for a long time (next to the rare lower-grade AUS-6 and AUS-4). Though not identical in its composition, it`s comparable to the...