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Backlock (or: Lockback) is the mechanism in certain lockable pocketknives. he blade of a Lockback knife also has a small notch on the end of the tang.

Badger Hair

Precious Badger Hair is particularly soft and supple. The shaft of each individual hair has a cone shape, which means that it can pick up a lot of shaving foam and transport it to the tip.


A Balisong is a Filipino pocketknife also known as a Butterfly. The knife consists of two handle halves that can be rotated 180 degrees. The blade sits between the two handle parts, attached with...


Bastinelli from France is also very successful as a designer of serial knives. His designs are unambiguously assigned to the field of modern operational knives.


A rechargeable Battery is an electrochemical energy storage medium. Unlike regular batteries, these can be recharged for a certain number of charging cycles.

Beech Wood

The beech wood used to make handle scales for knives usually comes from the common beech. All beech species can be found in the temperate climate zones of America, Europe and Asia.

Ben Bawidamann

Ben Bawidamann, from Dayton, Ohio, is known for the very own form of his knives. It combines a distinctive appearance with practicality and high utility.

Bill Coye

Bill Coye, who recently took the step from the crime scene cleaner to a Custom Knife Maker in full-time, undoubtedly has a special sense of ergonomics and utility.

Bill Harsey

William "Bill" Harsey Jr. from Croswell, Oregon, knows the need for a good knife. Hardly any other Custom Knife Maker has shaped the tactical combat knives as her did.

Birch Wood

Curly birch is a type of wood used in knife manufacture to make handle scales. The light gray to light brown wood is very dense and hard and has a strong dark brown pattern.

Blade Coating

Coating a blade increases its lifespan. Most blade coatings are applied to protect the blade from environmental conditions, abrasion or damage and to increase its lifespan.

Bocote Wood

In knife production, Bocote wood is used to make handle scales. Bocote (Cordia spp.) is a species in the Cordia family, predominantly native to the tropical regions of Asia, Africa and America.

Bog Oak

The wood sold under the name of bog oak is used to make high-quality knife handles. Bog oak is not a separate oak species, but oak wood that has been submerged in a bog for a long time.


Böhler is a brand of Böhler-Uddeholm AG, an internationally leading manufacturer of stainless and tool steel with headquarters in Vienna. The company also makes knife steel.


For millennia, animal bones have been used to make knife handles. Today, the most commonly used varieties are cattle and reindeer bones.

Boris Manasherov

Boris Manasherov is not only an engineer and trained gunsmith, but also a martial arts specialist. His designs unite his experiences from all these areas.

Brad Zinker

Brad Zinker is a Custom Knife Maker from Florida and member of the American Knife Makers Guild. His preference for narrow blades and reduced handles is easy to see.

Bread Knife

Bread knives have a special serrated edge and a very long blade. Apart from cutting bread, the knife is also suitable for cutting other hard foods.

Brent Beshara

The Canadian Brent Beshara can look back on an impressive career in the military. His designs are especially acclaimed by the police and military, where they focus on practicability.

Bubinga Wood

Bubinga is the trade name of a wood derived from several species of the Guibourtia family. In knife production, Bubinga is used to make high-quality handle scales. Guibourtia are evergreen trees.

Bud Nely

Knife designs from Bud Nely from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania captivate first of all with their clear stylistic idiom and their high practical value.

Buffalo Horn

In the knife industry, buffalo horn is used for high-quality handle scales. A "horn" is the protuberance on the head of the cattle family (Bovidae), a family of ruminants that includes buffaloes.

Butch Vallotton & Matt Diskins

The designs by Butch Vallotton and Matt Diskins are always something special. The interplay between curved shapes and technically sophisticated mechanisms is extraordinary.