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With a chromium content of 12%, D2 – a tool steel – can certainly be classified as a stainless steel. Since its chromium content is right on the threshold, however, a little more care for the D2...


Damast is a composite steel, i.e. a steel made from two or more steel bases with different characteristics. The finished product has a clearly visible texture of alternating layers of its base...

David Curtiss

David Curtiss from Indiana produced individual parts for different Knife Makers from all over the country in the past. His designs are practical and extremely solid.

David Mosier

With ten years of age David Mosier from Missouri has started to collect knives. His interest for knives and martial arts flow into his tactical designs.

Desert Ironwood

Desert ironwood is a type of fine wood used to make handle scales. Desert ironwood is indigenous to the southwestern United States and the very northwest of Mexico, especially in the Sonora desert.

Dietmar Kressler

For more than 30 years, the master machine mechanic and studied mechanical engineer Dietmar F. Kressler is one of the most internationally known masters among the Knife Makers.

Dinosaur Bone

Dinosaur bone is an extremely rare material which is used in knife production to make premium handle scales in very small batches. Dinosaurs lived in the Mesozoic period from the late Triassic.

Diving Knife

A diving knife is a type of knife specifically developed to meet the requirements of divers. It is supposed to help divers, especially in emergencies.

DJ Urbanovsky

Since 2004 DJ Urbanovsky is producing Pocketknives, Fixed Blade Knives, Tomahawks and Swords. Simple and effective knives, DJ Urbanosky is totally convinced from this concept.

Don Hethcoat

Don Hethcoat from New Mexico has already started in young ages to get in touch with knives, and after a few detours he began to design and manufacture his own blades in the 1980s.

Doug Hartsook

Doug Hartsook, from North Carolina, began his career as a Knife Maker during his Junior High School, where he was rebuked for selling his Custom Knives to many of his classmates.

Drop Point

Drop point is the name of one of the most common blade types. Knives with this type of blade are mainly used as hunting knives, but they also make very versatile knives for everyday use.