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Sal Manaro

For over twenty years now Sal Manaro is working with any kinds of metals and lets his experience slip into his knives. The American from Holbrook counts on innovation and constant development.


Santoku is a knife that has been gaining popularity in Europe in recent years. Originally, it was a Japanese blade type for multipurpose knives. The Santoku is rather easy to handle.

Scott McGhee

Scott McGhee of North Carolina is Maste Knife Maker of the American Knife Makers Guild, who started his training in the smithery at the age of 17.

Serge Panchenko

Serge Panchenko has appeared mainly through his Dog Tag Knives. His goal was to design interesting and unique knives, which not only look good but are also extremely helpful in any daily situation.


Serration is the name of the wavy grind of a knife blade used for several types of kitchen knives and some survival knives. Some blades have a fully serrated edge along the entire length of the...


SK-5 is a modern carbon steel suitable for large knives as well as tomahawks and axes. Its hardness grade is 57-60 HRC. We use it in coated form for our Boker Plus tomahawks.


A skinner blade is used to skin hunted game. A variation of this blade type is used to gut the animal. The skinner blade is also known as a swept point blade.


Sleipner is a Swedish tool steel. With a chromium content of 7.8%, it cannot be classified as stainless. This steel still holds up very well to everyday use. It is mainly used by LionSteel.


The slipjoint is a locking mechanism for folding knives. They do not possess a mechanical locking mechanism. It has a small spring at the back end of the spine that keeps the open blade in place.


Snakewood is one of the finest and most expensive woods of the world. It has a striking pattern reminiscent of snakeskin and is extremely hard. Snakewood is used to make exquisite handle scales.

Sniper Bladeworks

Sniper Bladeworks from Missouri is a cooperation between Lance Abernathy, a former Swat member, and Jody Muller, who is a knife builder for over 20 years.

Sommelier Knife

A sommelier knife is a special knife used to open wine bottles. It is still used around the world in its original form, patented in 1883 in Germany, or variations thereof.


Stag is the name of the material derived from deer antlers, which is used to make high-quality knife handle scales. Today, stag is not just used for handle scales but also for traditional costume...


Steel types with a high level of corrosion and acid resistance are called stainless. Stainless steel is used in almost all industries for many different applications

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a name for different alloyed and unalloyed steel types.In metals and metallic materials, purity describes the number of inclusions of substances.


Stayglow is a phosphorescent material used in knife production to make handle scales or blades. It makes knives are easier to see in the dark and easier to find if they are dropped or lost.

Steak Knife

A steak knife is a sharp table knife used to cut steaks and other firm meats. It has a serrated edge and wooden or plastic handle scales. Steak knives are characterized by their serrated edge.


According to DIN EN 10020:2000–07, the term steel describes a material in which the iron content exceeds the content of all other elements.

Stefan Gobec

Stefan Gobec is a Knife Maker, who has made a name for himself with his classic designs and the use of noble materials. In his workshop, handmade knives are built entirely in the tradition of old...

Steffen Bender

Steffen Bender was already very excited about knives in his young ages and soon decided to make his own knife after his conception. Meanwhile he is a permanent fixture at numerous exhibitions.


The Austrian Armin Stütz began manufacturing knives in 1984 and founded the blacksmith SteirerEisen in 1996. In the meantime, SteirerEisen is the largest blacksmith of the country.

Steve Kelly

Steve Kelly is a member of the American Knife Makers Guild since 2008, forges his own blades and is now a true expert in the art of forging Damascus.


Blades with a stonewash finish have a rustic yet fine, high-quality surface created by means of controlled scratching. The blade is "washed" inside a drum containing different types of stones.

Straight Razor

For our carbon steel straight razors, we use reliable silver steel that offers excellent edge retention while being very tough and elastic. The round point has the lowest risk of injury.

Survival Knife

Survival knives have multiple uses and were originally developed for hunters and soldiers. Solid stainless steel handles are still very common.


Synthetic consists of synthetically or semi-synthetically produced polymers. The first plastics were produced in the 19th century, consisting of natural substances such as rubber or cellulose.