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Flat Grind

The flat grind is a common grind for knife blades offering very good middle-grade cutting properties. Blades with a flat grind are used for a wide variety of knives.


A flipper is a tab on the blade pivot used to open a pocketknife. The tab sticks out from the handle when the knife is closed; once opened, it also serves as a small crossguard.


A framelock is a special type of locking mechanism used in one-handed knives. Knives equipped with this mechanism are called framelock knives. It makes possible to open and close a knife with one...

Friction Folder

A friction folder has a freely moving blade without any restraints or locking mechanisms. This knife design has been used for centuries.


Fibre-reinforced plastic, short FRP, is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinfored with glass fibres. In knife production, it is mainly used for handles.

Full Tang

The full tang is a knife completely made from one piece of steel that extends from the point of the blade to the butt of the handle. The blade of a full tang knife is always fixed.