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Ice Beech Wood

Ice Beech

Ice beech wood is one of the most exquisite wood species and is used in the production of knives for the manufacture of handle shells. This type of wood is not a further genus of common beech (lat. Fagus sylvatica), but acquires its characteristic appearance through a patented biological refinement process. The used beech wood from the Black Forest matures for up to two years in a purely natural way under the influence of frost, sunlight and moisture and is then dried to a residual wood moisture of approx. 10%.

The significant amount of cold during the maturing process gives the wood its special name. After the removal of the weathering layer, which is about 5mm thick, one can recognize the distinctive grain as well as those expressive colors that give the Ice Beech wood its unique character and make each piece a natural original. The brighter parts alternate vividly with the darker elements in rich contrast and clearly distinguish the Ice Beech wood from the classic beech wood. Ice beech wood is also used for the production of furniture or flooring.